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Before we started Psychonautica, everyone called us crazy. And you know what, they weren’t wrong. As we usually do, we rode that wave. And look at us now, all ready and stoked to bring our psychedelic and shamelessly far-out clothes to you. Us green-loving, psychonauts and hippies thought it was high time (pun intended) to give back some of those positive vibes you’ve all been giving out. That’s why our small team of creative artists dug deep into the darkest corners of their own ‘crazy’ and let it all spill out. We came up with some pretty trippy ideas that blew even our minds and just like that, our very own groovy Frankenstein brainchild was born.

Psychonautica isn’t so much about the cliché road less traveled or that marching to our own beat, hipster-inspired nonsense. It’s more about you all, our community, and making clothes that you’d actually feel good wearing. Something you could throw on in your tent right before a set as you’re tryin’ to spark up. Something that people who just don’t ‘get it’ would roll their eyes at. Something that just feels right. Because, let’s be honest, we’re the getting lost and loving it kinda’ folks. We live in stuff other people will never see or feel. So, why should what you wear look like everyone else? It should not my free-spirited friends. It’s just that simple.

Here at Psychonautica, we’ve got three guiding principles. If it feels good, do it. Don’t forget to pass. Never stop exploring. So, here’s to you…you glorious rebels. May your mind stay forever unhinged and together, let’s screw the straight and narrow.